sunnuntai 14. toukokuuta 2017

New green beauty again

Yes new green member to the growing flower family in my house, again! Soon we have rainforrest in our home, I had to reorganize place for the new beauty! 
Today was mothersday in Finland so we took a ride on the morning to say congrats to my mother in law and to my mother. So too much sweets today, father had made some food too and eaven warmed up outside sauna! When we came home, we (girls) went outside, we didn't want to watch the Formula 1 race ;) And planted some flower onions, hope these will start to grow up soon! I really have to buy new drawers or flower tables, tomatoes are now growing bigger on the diningroom table :D Hope the weather will change soon! It is so chilly, bearly plus degrees on days, somewhere in Finland has rain snow and lots of it, I (and I think all of uss here) miss the summer and the warmth so much! Come on summer!!

Im totally fell in love with yoga, just did slow yoga session home,
There is so many good training videos on the instagram. Have a amazing new week all! XOXO 

2 kommenttia:

  1. Heiiiii, sullakin on siellä Kukka :D

    Ihanaa Äitienpäivää <3 ( joka just meni, mutta leikithään, että mie ehin kirjotella tänne sunnuntaina )

    1. Mieki löysin the kukan, Icasta tarttui mukaan, sinun oli niin symppis :)